The Order of the Heavens

The Order of the Heavens

A person gazing into the sky on a clear night would look up in awe at the stars piercing the darkness. Such a breathtaking sight would naturally lead one to wonder: How did this universe which we call home get its start, and what are the laws that govern it?

How the universe began is a question that has fascinated people throughout the ages. Many scientists and philosophers agreed on one truth concerning the origin of the universe, namely that it had a beginning and was “created.”

However, in 19th century Europe, some circles began to speak out against this truth. What lay at the basis of their opposition was a belief originally put forth by a number of Greek philosophers, a belief known as “materialism.” This belief system considers matter to be the absolute ground of existence, rejecting the existence of anything else.

Join us to watch this interesting video by Harun Yahya on the order of the heavens.




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