A Scientific Blow to Darwinism: Irreducible Complexity

Archaeology, a branch of science that sheds light on the history of life and mankind…
Archaeologists carry out long and difficult excavations looking for clues, such as tools, works of art, household items and the like, that can provide clues about the history of life and living things.
Every remain they find is a discovery in the name of history, and an important resource that can illuminate the history of life and of mankind.
Coins, hand tools, kitchen equipment and decorative goods all provide important clues about the lives of people in the past.
Archaeologists know that the items they find do not appear under the ground by chance. Nobody has ever claimed that they do. Even if we do not actually witness these items being made, we can still be certain of the existence of people who designed and made them.
Together with the information they contain, all these objects and artifacts are “intelligent designs.” They were designed and produced for a specific purpose. They reflect the labor, expertise, taste and intelligence of the artists who made them. 

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