The Miracle in the Ant

Modern day cities are formed when millions of people come together. People have always felt the need for rules and regulations in order to guarantee their peace and security.

It would be impossible to do that without them. Another fact about the modern life of society is individualism. Each individual in a society has his own aims and plans. Most individuals put their interests before anything else. The interests of society and other people come after those. That selfish morality means there are poor, hungry and homeless people all over the world.

Let us now imagine an enormous city. Imagine hundreds of thousands of individuals living in it. Yet no one considers his own interests. On the contrary, they put the interests of society and others first. Imagine everyone working with great self-sacrifice, with no terrible urge to be first. Imagine there is no conflict there. Such a society probably goes beyond the bounds of human imagining. Yet such a society does really exist on the earth. And what is more, just about everywhere on it. The living things that constitute that miraculous society are ants.

Join us to watch this interesting video by Harun Yahya on the miracle of the ant to see how ants live and the mechanisms they apply in running their colonies.



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