The Miracle of Seed

The Miracle of Seed

Everyone knows what a seed is…
But perhaps they have never considered how countless different plants come from a little thing that looks like a piece of wood.
But if you think more carefully about a seed, you will see that it is a great miracle. The colors, designs, smells and all the other qualities of the plants you see around are hidden in a tiny seed.
Actually, every seed is a wonderful data bank.
Seeds contain the information for each branch and leaf of the plant they belong to, the number and shape of the leaves, the color and thickness of the outside covering, the number and size of the tubes that transport water and nourishment; the height of the plant, whether or not it will bear fruit,
and if it bears fruit, its taste, smell, shape and color.
In short, seeds contain all the information that can be known about a plant.

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