Unique Art in the Oceans

Seen from space, our Earth is bright blue in appearance. The source of that blue is the huge mass of water covering 70% of our world. It takes 20 hours just to cross the Pacific Ocean by plane. However, the secrets of the oceans, so strikingly blue when seen from above, actually lie hidden within its depths. As we dive down into these waters, which in some places can be even deeper than Mount Everest, we encounter a brightly colored world. And millions of life forms, all completely different to one another. They all have their own different colors, hunting tactics and methods of self-defense.

As we travel through the depths, our eyes are immediately struck by the detail and variety in the creatures living here. The presence of such glorious detail in so many life forms reveals to us the perfection of Allah’s artistry. Allah is He Who knows all things on land and sea, right down to the finest detail.

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