How Can We Attain Social Justice? (Tell us!)

By Truth Seeker Staff

tell-us-what-you-thinkGod does not favor the unjust. He ordained that all His creatures must establish justice among themselves and with all other creatures. Philosophers of the past were seeking ways to establish social justice among human beings. They failed. However, God sent us the Messenger of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to establish that long awaited justice among all people including one’s beloved, family, neighbors, workmates, and even enemies and foes.

Do you think there are ways to carry out this mission on earth nowadays and to endeavor spread social justice among all people without any sort of discrimination.

If so, join us and share with us your thoughts in this regard.

If not, join us to see what others have to share and tell us about social justice and how to get it done and enjoyed by all people.

How can we attain social justice? (Tell us!)




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3 thoughts on “How Can We Attain Social Justice? (Tell us!)


To me, the only way to have social justice in this troublesome world we have to abide by the laws and rules God sent to us through His Messengers and Prophets and just to try to be “humans”!

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