The Scientist and the Qur’an: Dr. Maurice Bucaille

By Truth Seeker Staff

The Scientist and the Qur’anBucaille

In a 1987 informal gathering of MDs, educators and community activists in Chicago, Dr. Maurice Bucaille gave what turned to be a summation of his legacy. One year earlier the 13th French edition of his iconic book; The Bible, the Qur’an and Science has just earned France’s Livre d’Or (Golden Book Award) awarded to the best seller books.

Before his death in 1998 the 18th edition of his book; BQS, was awarded the Livre du Moi (Book of the Month Award) given to the France’s best seller books.

In that gathering Bucaille indicated that his legacy will endure. He concludes his statement with an iconic phrase.

Yes sure! His word for the future is enduring!



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